The summer season has now arrived in full force, and ice cubes are a basic necessity. In the summertime, we keep ice cube trays in our fridge so we can quickly cool our water bottles or add them to any drink.

With a little bit of work, you may utilize these ice cube trays to store items that are more attractive than plain ice cubes and can serve as the main elements of any summertime party. yeah, you read that correctly.

The small holes of your ice cube trays can be utilized to store items you never would have dreamed of, such as fresh foods, spices, and roses as well as leftover food from the previous night. These are 10 creative ways to use your ice trays. So keep reading!

Ways To Use Ice Cube Trays 

1. Chocolate And Strawberry Cubes

This handmade recipe is perfect for you if you enjoy the flavor combination of chocolate and strawberries. Just put the fresh strawberries inside the ice cube tray and cover them with chocolate sauce. Freeze it for 20 minutes then serve these delicious and tangy flavored cubes.

2. Lime Juice And Mint

Lemon and mint both are refreshing ingredients in the summertime. So prepare this refreshing combo in just 30 minutes. You can prepare your preferred café style mojito at home by freezing this mixture. It can also be used as a seasoning ingredient in other beverages.

3. Pesto

Don’t throw away any leftover homemade pesto. Then, divide it up into small amounts the size of ice cubes. To remove the tray after the pesto has completely frozen, remove the pieces and preserve them in a sealed bag.

Whenever a preparation for pasta, grilled vegetables, or eggs invites pesto, just melt the ice cube inside a frying pan.

4. Tomato Paste

sometimes only one or two of tomato paste is required in many dishes. Make sure to divide the leftover paste into smaller pieces rather than throwing it away or freezing it in one small piece in the can.

So whenever you need a little Tomato paste you can add these ice cubes to your dishes. And saves your time for making tomato sauce.

5. Eggs

If you are Purchasing too many eggs, Before they get rotten, freeze them. Egg whites can be cooked, then frozen in ice cube trays.

Pick out too many pieces as you will need when it’s necessary to use them, freeze them in the freezer, and prepare them as quickly as they’ve fully melted.

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6. Iced Coffee 

Nothing like enjoying an iced coffee on a hot day! Now when you add extra ice cubes to your cold coffee, the mixture becomes a huge mess. 

Thus, simply save any leftover coffee inside these ice cube trays and store it. You can utilize these iced coffee crystals another time when you prepare cold coffee.

7. Sugar Scrub Cube 

If you’re searching for a simple recipe for handmade sugar, try this one for your skin treatment. Take a bowl, add brown sugar, coconut oil, and 5 to 6 drops of any essential oil. 

Combine all the ingredients and maintain a consistent paste. Now all you have to need is to freeze it and store it in ice cube trays. Next time you want to cleanse your face, take one cube from the ice cube tray.

8. Frozen Herbs

Moreover, you can freeze-dried herbs in ice cube trays for use again in your future recipe. You must put the herbs in an ice cube tray with essential oils. 

Oils will preserve the herbs from freezing damage and maintain their freshness for later use. Mint, lavender, oregano, and basil are among the herbs that can be frozen.

9. Frozen Berries

Many peoples love berries and berries-related drinks or juice. If you are one of them, you can freeze your favorite berries in ice cube trays. You just need to put the chopped berries and add some soda or water to your tray. Freeze it and serve it.

10. Ginger And Garlic Paste

You can add your leftover ginger and garlic paste to the tray and then freeze it. And use it for your next dish.


Besides simply freezing water, ice cube trays have other uses. Many meals, beverages, and even skincare items can be kept in them for storage. A simple ice cube tray can be turned into a practical item for your daily life with a little bit of imagination.

These 10 creative uses for ice cube trays are a few examples of the many innovative ways you can put them. So, the next time you go for your ice cube tray, give one of these inventive and useful suggestions a chance.

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