The PTE tests are one of the popular language-based tests among students and professionals moving abroad. This test is essential for those who move from their native country to other English-speaking countries. 

People scoring more marks in these tests will have several advantages and preferences in their fields. Due to this reason, many people try to score 79+ marks in their exams. 

But scoring 75+ marks in this exam is complex, and people need lots of practice and effort to get that score. So, people who aim for a 79 score PTE should follow some practical tips and tricks to help achieve that level. 

Most people preparing for their PTE tests will aim for these scores, and they can use some valuable tips that help them reach their goal with a better path.  

Tips to get a 79 score PTE

So, people who need to score 79 on their PTE test should consider some tips that will help them to get the mark they determine, and it also helps them to complete their exam with perfection. Following these steps will be more effective and suitable for all users. So some of the tips are 

  • Maintain simplicity
  • Take time to plan the points
  • Use correct format
  • Summarize the text
  • Write in clear paragraphs

So, these are some tips people need to follow for scoring 79 and above in their more effective PTE tests. Each piece of information in this list will make your answering style different and make it a perfect fit for the PTE tests. All these tips will help to reach the 79 score PTE, and it also helps to perfect the answering style. 

  • Maintain Simplicity

While attending the PTE tests, people must maintain simplicity in the writing section; this action will help them get a better score. Using fancy sentences and other similar elements may make the writing complicated. So, this kind of action will reduce the score of the person. To avoid these issues, people must maintain simplicity in their writing style. 

  • Take Time to Plan the Points

Before answering or writing, people need to plan all the points they need to write. It’s because planning the writing plan will help them to be accurate in their answers, and it also helps to save more time. This action will also improve the quality of solutions and help people score more marks in the PTE exams. 

  • Use Correct Format

English has various formats for all kinds of reading and writing. So, people attending the PTE test should use all the necessary formats to make the answers perfect looking. Using proper formats in the answers will be one of the best options for people to score more marks in the exam. 

  • Summarize the Text

The PTE tests will have a separate section for summarizing the text, and in this part, people need to shrink the entire passage into a summary. So, people need to be more precise in choosing the key points of the paragraph. Similarly, they need to summarize all the essential parts of the section. This process will help people to get a 79 score PTE, and it also helps to make the answers with perfection. 

  • Write in Clear Paragraph

Writing in a perfect and precise paragraph is one of the essential elements in the PTE tests, and it helps people to score more. The PTE tests will have an essay section in which people must write a proper essay in the perfect format. So, in these kinds of tasks, people must use clear and clean paragraphs with appropriate words. 


So, people who need to score above 79 marks in PTE tests should follow all these tips and tricks, which are more effective and suitable for all users. Most people who achieved a 79 score PTE used these methods and tips to complete their PTE tests. All the available tips will be more effective for completing the test with perfection and good results. 


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